GitHub Game Off 2016 - Day 10

What a day it has been today! I did not quite spend the amount of time I and the little time I did spend consisted mostly of fiddling with the existing functionality. I did decide it’s time to start showing what my game will start to look like. So behold all the splendor below!


It’s still very basic and most people think it’s a plane flying between clouds, but I believe as soon as I manage to get a nice parallaxing starry background things will start to look a bit more like it’s in space. I’ll have to do more polishing soon, like adding particle effects when thrusting or having the ship break up when you die.

Mixed concerns

I mentioned that I’m planning on divorcing my domain logic from my MonoBehaviour scripts. I’m not completely there yet, but I’ve made quite a lot of progress. I’ve gone with an approach that can model the state as the forces that should be applied with methods that allow for manipulation of those values. There are still some details I’ll have to flesh out, but I’m getting close to having a better idea of how to manage it. If you’re interested in seeing what changed go have a look at my GitHub repo.

I’ll hopefully have the gravity calculation moved to the domain side and also be able to abstract away how it’s applied so that I don’t hammer the physics engine with a bunch of unnecessary force calculations. The asteroids only have to expose some sort of mass which is then used for the calculation of forces to apply. This will most likely have some performance gain that might prove useful given the amount of asteroids I’m planning on adding. That’s it for today!