GitHub Game Off 2016 - Day 12

Today was a very interesting day. I spent a lot of time doing some house chores, but once I sat down the technical juices started flowing quite nicely. I did however not spend quite the amount of time I would have liked to spend, but I still believe I made some good progress.

DDD all the things!

So I’ve managed to move the last bit related to my gravity simulation into my domain. I still have to wire up some MonoBehaviour scripts to consume the domain for this, but that should be trivial. It’s also going to allow me to dictate how everything is constructed and allow for quickly building more and more components.

I’ve possibly also optimized my gravity calculation a bit as I can now build my consuming scripts in such a way that it would only query the bodies that would require a force to be applied. The static meteors don’t need to actually query the forces that are exerted on them. There is still room for some optimization, but I believe I don’t need to go and fix what is not broken.

Way forward

So now that most of my domain logic has been implemented I’ll have to start looking at using bitmaps to load a map and getting mining up and running. Having done the really difficult thing of pushing stuff into a domain I believe it should be easier to define the rest of the elements I’m planning for my domain. That’s it for today!