GitHub Game Off 2016 - Day 15

Today was a very interesting day. We had the annual Tech Accelerator showcase event. I “lost” quite a bit of time there, but it was really interesting to see what my colleagues have been getting up to in their spare time. While there I did not let all the time go to waste though.

2 Steps forward 3 steps back

I managed to break my camera earlier today while fiddling with my sprite sheet import settings. This was mostly due to the fact that Unity does not give preference to which MonoBehaviour script is run first and I was being a bit dumb trying to find the player ship in the scene and then using that to calculate the camera movement. I’ve now added the required functionality in the domain and the camera is back in action.

I also looked at adding the nice parallaxing background, unfortunately I missed a lot of what my cousin has managed in terms of how we imported our sprite sheets. Importing the assets and then sticking them in an orthographic camera that does not scale properly has some very strange side effects. Now I’m in a position where I went 3 steps back and I’ll have to first fix the imports. Unfortunately this is part of development in general so I’ll have to just stick it out and ensure that I don’t let it bring me down. That’s it for today!