GitHub Game Off 2016 - Day 16

So today has been a bit of a bust on development. I’ve been stuck on this parallaxing background for quite a while now as I’ve been having an issue with where the sprites match up. My cousin put me on to an article that explains why the issue is cropping up, but to solve the problem is proving more than I can manage. I’ll likely have to try and spend some time with my cousin this weekend to try and figure it out.


On another note I’ve decided that I’ll have to start looking at other game designs to pivot towards. Time is quickly running out and I’m not getting any closer towards implementing my current mining idea. I’m keeping my possible ideas under a hat for now, but I’ll have to ensure that I plan accordingly.

Time is my scarcest resource at the moment and I’ll have to spend it accordingly. With our Year End Function at work coming up next week Friday I’ll likely be losing quite a lot of time. I am taking a day off work the Monday after YEF, so I’m hoping to apply quite a bit of that day towards finishing up on the game. I still have to build some UI side for my game as well as a menu and add some sounds to the game so I’ll be aiming to do that work in the last week of the jam. That’s it for today!