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I’m quite excited about tomorrow. I’ve been discussing bungee jumping with one of my cousins for quite a while. We’re both sort off adrenaline junkies and keep looking for new ways to possibly hurt ourselves with.

We looked around a bit and found a nice special on Groupon for a place in Krugersdorp. Go have a look at their website at bungeejumping.co.za, even without the special I think their prices are quite reasonable. So with a few days thought we decided to go for it, (un)fortunately I managed to buy 2 tickets extra and I had to start looking for other people that are keen to go with us. After a week or so of talking to friends about it 2 said they would like to join us on the adventure.

So here I am, ready the day before to face the light acrophobia I experience and to take the plunge - at least I know I’m not doing it alone. I’ll post more details tomorrow as well as some pictures as evidence. Anyway this was just a quick update to document something big happening in my life. Now back to work!