A collection of the various projects I’ve worked on either completed, shelved or current.

VTOL VR Dynamic Mission

Status - SHELVED

I’ve been playing VTOL VR, Nuclear Option and Tiny Combat Arena recently. I’ve long toyed with the idea of making a jet-fighter game in some form, but sadly my game-dev time has been extremely limited. Read more...

SRSA 2020.2 Liveries

Status - SHELVED

I joined halfway through the Sim Race South Africa 2020.1 season and set my sights on enjoying some good racing with other like-minded indivuals. I took part in a total of four races: three simGP races and one simiGTc race. Read more...

Second Monitor

Status - SHELVED

Second Monitor is an app developed by a sim racing enthusiast who saw an opportunity to use the second monitor available in his setup as a place to show live telemetry and timing information to serve as an aid for fine-tuning his strategy during the race. Read more...

GitHub Game Off 2017

Status - SHELVED

The GitHub Game Off 2017 was a game jam I entered.

GitHub Game Off 2016

Status - SHELVED

The GitHub Game Off 2016 was a game jam I entered.