Lies! Lies! Lies!

- 2 min read

So I’ve been absent for too long and I have mostly lied about all that I was planning to do in previous posts. That said it’s time that I start writing about stuff again. Quite a bit has come and gone in the past 2+ months since I last wrote something so I thought I’d put together a list of planned topics I’ll be writing about in the near future.

More lies!

I might be lying in trying to write about these topics, but I’m going to do my best as work responsibilities have been picking up and I’m still battling to figure out how to balance it all. My main idea is to write about the following topics in no particular order:

  • Ludum Dare 37 Post-Mortem
  • GitHub Game Off 2016 Post-Mortem
  • Finishing Node.js and EventStore
  • Thoughts on Node.js as a prototyping tool
  • Exploring DDD within games I’ve written

That’s already quite a tall order. I’ll have to go sit down and write some of these in advance to allow me to digest some of the topics a bit more (Node.js I’m looking at you). I am excited to do a bit of a Post-Mortem on previous game jams especially towards the technical design of them as I’ve learned quite a bit on basic do’s and don’ts for the types of games I’ve made.

I also realize that the next wave of game jams are fast approaching so I’ll have to get these out pronto. That’s it for now as it’s back to work for me!