My first blog!

- 2 min read

Today is a big day for me. For years I’ve been threatening to start blogging, but I’ve just found myself to not really know what to write about.

So now presented me the opportunity to host my blog on the server he’s using. It was quite a feat to be honest. We went from discussing starting our blogs on Friday to having the them up and running on Thursday morning at 01:00. He managed to do this using Docker where he put a Ghost container for each of us running behind NGINX. That was really impressive and it just speaks to the power of Docker. I won’t delve into it more as he’ll be able to provide way more info on that than I’m currently able to. Most of this was his idea so he deserves credit on that.

Going forward though I’m planning on writing quite a bit about a game we’re developing to soothe our 4X needs for mobile. We’ve faced quite a few interesting challenges and we’re trying out a different approach towards building this game so it’s going to be interesting to see things pan out. I’ll share some of these challenges as time goes on (still have to actually think of how to solve some of them and then figure out how to write about it).

Anyways, I’ve rambled enough for now. Now back to work!