We did it!

- 1 min read

Sorry for posting this so late, but we have done it! We went Bungee jumping on Sunday at Bungee Mogale in Krugersdorp. It was a massive amount of fun! Nothing beats standing on the edge trying to convince yourself to jump, taking that leap of faith and experiencing the rush that follows.

For a first time I highly recommend this! It’s a nice low jump that’s a bit easier on the nerves, but well worth it. My cousin and my friends also really enjoyed it but we have a warning to take into consideration. You guys faced this with me and it was a great experience sharing it with you! So shout-out to my cousin Tharina, Chris and Tristan.

Once you’ve taken the leap of faith you have to climb back up the ravine. It’s not particularly difficult, but if you’re a bit unfit you’ll end up like us and quite a winded state once you’re back at the top. We’ve got some sore muscles today, but the general consensus is that we’ll gladly do it again! See some action photo’s below.





Anyway if you’re thinking about going for the first time head on over to bungeejumping.co.za and check it out. Now back to work!