GitHub Game Off 2016 - Day 17

- 2 min read

Today was quite an interesting day. We’re in the process of moving to be stationed at our client so we were finalizing the last issues before moving there tomorrow. I’ve really been struggling on what I’ll be pivoting the gameplay towards, but I do think I’ve managed an idea.

On another note I’ve quickly added some different meteors that can be randomly spawned. I also did some quick stress testing and everything seemed fine even with about 50 different bodies in the game world. I was really impressed how quick I could do it seeing that I did not have to worry about scripts all round doing more than they should. I have noticed thought that there are some strange artefacts rendering around some of the meteors.



In terms of the pivot I’m leaning more towards a very small little Roguelike type of game. I’m still in the process of fleshing out the smaller details as time is extremely limited at the moment and I still need make things a lot prettier. This pivot still has a whole lot of potential to ruin my life as it’s a dangerous path to go down, but I’m keeping my head down and hoping for the best.

I’m also very distracted at the moment with the move at work as well as being excited for the new screen I’ve recently ordered. Hoping to sort everything out tomorrow then focusing on more development this weekend. That’s it for today!