GitHub Game Off 2016 - Day 19

- 1 min read

Not the day I was hoping for, but I did make some progress even if it was mostly fiddling around with values to see how much my gravity calculation sucks. I actually upped the meteor count to 10 000! Everything was still running as smooth as it could! I did notice however that starting up my game takes a MASSIVE knock on speed if there area in which you wish to spawn them is a bit small.

I’m doing some checks to ensure that meteors don’t spawn too close to each other and having to loop through more and more raises the startup time exponentially. I can now start thinking of some enemies to add with some pickups to use against them. It feels like I did waste a big chunk of the day though as the deadline seems to be screaming towards me and I don’t feel I’m making enough progress to have something in a finished state at the end of the month. I suppose only time will tell and I’ll have to sit down and really do some planning. That’s it for today!