GitHub Game Off 2016 - Day 20

- 2 min read

So I’ve realized I’ve wasted so much time on fiddly bits without a proper vision of what I want to build. I did however make some progress towards a vision for the game. I’m opting for a very basic game right now with “enemies” or rather turret structures to fight along the way while exploring. The end goal would be to find the mystery base and destroy it, allowing one to proceed to a bigger cluster of asteroids with more turrets.

Outcome for the day

The one big success/fail I had to day was in building the basic blueprint for the turrets I’m thinking of implementing. I’ll likely opt for two options, one small and one big turret, that I can spread out throughout the world. Perhaps even as part of some structures, but that will most likely be way out of scope for the amount of time I have left.

Anyhoos! Looking at the below picture you’ll notice a small dot (I’ll likely have to bring down the size of the camera a bit to make things more visible) that constitutes a turret with a green RayTrace detecting that the player is within range and currently in line of sight of the gun. I’ll use this as a trigger that will start firing the gun.


The image below shows how the gun on the turret has pivoted away from the ship and is now not within line of sight. I’m trying to build the turrets more modularly so that I can just specify the max pivot amount, pivot speed etc.


I did waste a tonne of time trying to have the turret track an object once it’s locked on to it. Thinking back now it might have been related to me treating quaternions like Euler Angles so I might just revisit it. That’s it for today!