GitHub Game Off 2016 - Day 21

- 2 min read

So today was a bit of a write off. I merely sat and thought about stuff (while writing them down of course) which led me to not really doing anything. I did however decide on not going crazy on the different turrets in the game and just sticking with what I know I can implement in time. This did lead me onto another thought.


I’m not completely writing off the day as I’ve realized a big driving factor the past week has been motivation (or lack thereof). I feel it’s been slowly slipping away as I start seeing the deadline hurl towards me like an express train ready to deliver everything but my dreams. The thing is though most people’s dreams are big and it’s just not always possible to achieve it. I’m fine with not making the game I set out to make.

It’s been an interesting experience divorcing game logic from the game engine. The plus side as well now leaves me in a position to branch what I currently have into multiple types of games. I can go full on roguelike with multiple different enemies to face using tools you’ve gathered while playing. I’ve even considered turning the game into a little multiplayer space sim racing game. I can even combine the two and have a countdown in which a player should vanquish their enemies within a certain time limit.

So while all this land of opportunity awaits on me, I first need to sit down and finish what I’ve started. Yes, my motivation took a big knock seeing my cousin making such good progress. For those that haven’t seen what he’s done yet, go have a look. Some of the latest screenshots make the nerd in me come out and want to play that game so bad. The thing is though what I undertook can’t be compared to what he undertook.

That is what I have to now realize. I just need to spend time and finish up on the small things to turn what I currently have into an ACTUAL game. It’s going to be shitty, but it’s gonna be MY shitty game and I’ve really poured my sweat into it. Come hell or high water I’m finishing this thing. I’ll jump back onto it tomorrow and try to bash out as much as I can before Friday. Maybe I even get a nice big bag of motivation for my birthday tomorrow… Anyway, that’s it for today!