GitHub Game Off 2016 - Day 22

- 2 min read

So I managed to completely wreck my project today. For some reason the sudden inclusion of UnityEngine.dll as part of my domain output is causing Unity to have a freak-out and not want to run my game. As I’m writing this I’m thinking of ways to get past this, but I’ve had no success yet.

On the plus side I changed the Pixels Per Unit setting on my spritesheet import to a number that’s two to the power of x. I also turned off anti-aliasing on my project and suddenly the sprites seem to be working fine with no strange artefacts popping up. This means I can still take on the parallaxing background on Monday, so I’m hoping I can sort the other issue I’m experiencing out very quickly.

It was actually as a result of this that I managed to screw up the current state of my game as I wanted to bump up the gravitational constant a bit. Alas it’ll have to wait in it’s broken state. I haven’t committed anything yet so hopefully I’ll be able to just roll back everything and have it be fine. Yesterday’s post has also given me a bit of time to re-evaluate my current motivational barriers and it’s inspired me again to take this game on and finish it! That’s it for today!