GitHub Game Off 2016 - Update

- 2 min read

So I’ve been quite absent the past few days and I thought to just write this last post as an update on the plans. Well to be really honest there are no more plans. I had to deal with some personal issues so I fell so behind schedule that I can’t make up for lost time.

Last Chance

This does not mean I won’t be submitting anything. I’ll finish up and get an exe done and submitted on the last day of the jam. I’m also not giving up on publishing this game so I’ll try to spend more time on it in the coming weeks before LD 37 to publish it. It makes me sad that I wasted so much time, but it was a great month, probably one of the most fun months I’ve had yet doing what I love.

I’ll try to write a weekly follow up on my progress up until I’ve managed to publish the game. I’ll also update this post with links to my final GGO16 entry for those interested. Thanks for those that followed on this journey with me as well. I’d really like to hear from you and would love to also hear what you’re working on as well.

Going forward

I’ve reached out to my cousin and offered my help to finish up on his game for publishing. I feel it’s got a tonne of potential so we’ll try and polish that up. I can’t disclose too much as most decision making will be on him, but I’m really looking forward to what he has planned. That’s it for GGO16!