GitHub Game Off 2017 - Day 11

- 1 min read

I actually awoke on day 12 realizing that I never wrote and published an update. Yesterday was extremely slow going for myself and Matt from what I’ve seen. I spent my day lounging at home with my wife binging Mindhunter while pondering way to fix the airplane bug.

Matt had mentioned to me that he did some work on object-pooling which I believe is no easy task. I thought I’ve given him access to a repository that has some details on how I’ve approached it previously, but he said he had no access. I’ll throw in some of my thought once he as a solution as I believe he might have a different approach that I’ll be able to learn from.

I did manage to fix the airplane bug where new plane spawning would collide with the existing ones causing a very comical spinning plane to fly by. I’m happy that I did not have to write any code to do this as all I had to do was go setup the collision matrix so that airplanes would not collide with one another. Now back to work!