GitHub Game Off 2017 - Day 13

- 2 min read

Today was probably the worst unproductive day ever. I had to run some errands without knowing when exactly it would happen so it put quite a damper on my willingness to sit down and work. I did however just have a quick planning session with Matt where we reorganized our Trello board into a lit of features that can come in.

He also asked me to have a good look at his object pooling and I must say I was quite impressed. The little touch of having the pool of objects visible within the scene hierarchy was a nice one to say the least. My memories of what I’ve previously attempted with my own pooling attempt was a lot more functional only and hoping everything worked as they should.

With object pooling already figured out now I think we don’t have to worry about performance now so our road-map below should be more manageable.

I’ve already pulled away a ticket: adding bomber planes. I might have to get my hands dirty with some programmer art of my own, but I think it’s something Matt will have to replace in any case. There are some very interesting directions we can go, but as we’ll always be pressed for time we’ll likely just stick with the most obvious easy workable solution that’s still fun. I’ll be jotting down some ideas and looking at what I can implement for this. That’s it for today, now back to work!