GitHub Game Off 2017 - Day 19

- 2 min read

I’ve made quite a bit of progress on the bomber I’m building. I reused the plane Matt had made and attached a place where a bomb can be dropped from on the botttom of it. I then went about writing a script to spawn a bomb at that position, but without realizing it I never added a condition to stop spawning and ended up with the below fail.

Bomb fail

I still counted it as a massive success and as soon as I fixed my logic I started working on the explosion for the bomb. As Matt had mentioned I’ll be looking into building an explosion component that can be slapped onto a plethora of stuff and help with being able to easily build a flak cannon. The explosion is proving to be quite a challenge though as I’m looking at reusing quite a bit of damage components, but they mostly seem to be aimed at damaging the AI and not the player. I’ll likely have to bring in the turret health stuff he’s built and see if there’s anything I can reuse. It’s strange how I initially wanted to code everything using Unity, but this game had started challenging how I reason about what is an actual simpler solution. I’m getting very close to getting the explosion component done though so hopefully I’ll be in the position to start working on some extra weapons soon. That’s it for today, now back to work!