GitHub Game Off 2017 - Day 5

- 2 min read

Day 5 had flown past and I suspect we did not really get much done. It’s my cousin’s birthday tomorrow so we spent some time with his family. I initially wanted to do a lot more recording, but I ended up fiddling around too much with what Matt had already done. I was super impressed with his parachute solution that he mentioned in yesterday’s update.

We have sound!

It’s very basic, but below you’ll find the first gunshot sound I’ve recorded.

I’m really trying to keep the sound very low fidelity in order to create a bit more of a humorous feel around it. There’s still plenty of work left on the sound and we’ve managed to really fill up a Trello board with game ideas already. Matt did mention we should be able to get the base game up and running within a week’s time, so then we can focus on adding more weapon and enemy types. I know next on my agenda is to record a few more sounds to indicate when new paratroopers are airdropping in as well as when they’re opening their parachutes.

There’s also some refactor work left on the shooting logic as it’s currently a jumbled up script responsible for handling input, spawning bullets, rotating the gun as well as playing the gunshot sound. This is a little too much to my taste and with us looking at utilizing different guns it’ll be easier if we’re able to swap out modular pieces instead of having to handle it all in code.

All in all I’m really loving what Matt has done thus far and he sounded quite happy with the sound effect I’ve added. This coming week should be the test for us to be able get a basic game working. We’ll have to put in some elbow grease with the looming deadlines/year-end-function this week, but I’m looking forward to it. Weekend is over now, so back to work!