GitHub Game Off 2017 - Day 7

- 2 min read

Today went bust for me! We have a charity project at our church and we were out buying Christmas presents for people less fortunate. I’m also writing this just before I’m off to go and watch Jigsaw with my other cousin.

Low fidelity sounds

I’m mostly on a quest currently to try and produce some sounds that will fit the idea I have in mind. I’m going for an approach whereby I’m producing all the sounds with my voice/mouth, but I’m still at a loss for the falling sound as well as the parachute opening. I can “cheat” most of my way with the plane sounds as I do have a somewhat bassy voice which could lend well to the drone of a plane/helicopter.

Making things explode

Matt mentioned he wanted to look at making the shells actually do some damage to the planes and paratroopers dropping down. I liked the plane flying overhead and a quick look at how the “pew” sound works with the gun had already yielded some positive results with some of my colleagues.

I’ll have to see how my night pans out as I might be able to at least put down some of the recordings. Time is flying by and I’m struggling to put myself down and do some work, but I’ll do my best. Now back to work!