GitHub Game Off 2017 - Day 9

- 1 min read

What a slow day it’s been. Entelect’s year end function is tomorrow so most of today consisted of just trying to finish up and get ready for what’s happening tomorrow. From my side I’ve dug up some code to show Matt how I approached object pooling in another project. I also recorded the below soundclip a few days ago, but I had not figured out how to turn it into a continuous loop. That was until today.

I must say it doesn’t quite work with the Boeing Matt had drawn, but I’m sure that once he draws a C130 this should be a killer fit for the sound. He mentioned today that he’ll be fiddling around with some 3D sound, so I’m really curious to see what he’ll pull out the hat there.

I don’t expect us to put an update up for tomorrow as most of the day will consist of us having fun with our colleagues. We’ll definitely get back into the swing of it on Saturday though! Now back to, uhm, having fun!