Second Monitor

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Second Monitor is an app developed by a sim racing enthusiast who saw an opportunity to use the second monitor available in his setup as a place to show live telemetry and timing information to serve as an aid for fine-tuning his strategy during the race. Development started in 2016 and it’s become a very rich application with support for a significant amount of racing sims out there. The key feature that made me interested was the ability to view telemetry and timing information from another computer. While over a local network it works perfectly, the bandwidth requirements were too much for a home ADSL connection to keep up with.


I identified two feature enhancements I could make:

  • Implement compressions strategies that could have a significant impact on the bandwidth throughput requirements
  • Add the ability to provide a named server and use DNS as the IP address lookup for dynamic DNS solutions

Latest Update (2024-03-24)

I have completed a siginificant chunk of work to improve the usefulness of the app in the context of multi-driver races, but my transition to iRacing has made the use of Second Monitor far less viable so I’ve stopped all efforts of new contributions.